Bigfoot Gifts and Collectibles

Silly, fun and creative gifts for the bigfoot aficianado in your life!



Bigfoot Christmas Tree Ornament

For a hirsute holiday.

bigfoot gift ideas

Bigfoot Crossing Sign - 22" Metal

Show your affection for the hairy folks. Or, if you've got them traveling your property, maybe it'll help you keep them from walking through the garden.

Bigfoot Crossing sign gift

Sasquatch Dog Toy

Not that we want your dog chewing on Sasquatch... we have more respect for the Big Guys than that. But maybe it's karma, because we hear they don't like dogs much. Besides, he's snuggly and we like his random tooth. Great for kids but beware... he squeaks.

Sasquatch Dog Toy gift

The Mountain Bigfoot T-shirt

Is he walking? Or doing the watusi? We can't tell.

bigfoot gifts tshirt

The Mountain Sasquatch T-shirt

Sasquatch by moonlight.

bigfoot gift Sasquatch T

Family Bigfoot Car Decal

Thumb your nose at soccer moms with stick-figure families.

Bigfoot decal

Sasquatch Street Sign

This is just cool.

Sasquatch gift street sign

Bigfoot Garden Statue

He looks a little dour. We would, too, if someone made our eyes so squinty and pushed our noses up like angry gorillas. But he's still pretty cool.

Bigfoot garden statue

Sasquatch Hairy Hand Grabber

For the kids. Or a midnight prank on your spouse.

Sasquatch gift

Bionic Bigfoot Keychain

Because Steve Austin is... well... Steve Austin.

Million Dollar Man bigfoot

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