The paul FREEMAN Bigfoot video

Paul Freeman, a USFS worker, claimed his first bigfoot sighting in 1982. The veracity of Freeman's claims has been the subject of debate. However, Dr. Jeff Meldrum purchased Freeman's entire collection of foot casts for $2000, claiming the tracks contained dermal ridges. This footage was filmed in 1994.


Paul Freeman's Wikipedia listing states: "Paul Freeman (August 10, 1943 – April 2, 2003) was an American Bigfoot hunter who claimed to have discovered Bigfoot tracks showing dermal ridges. The plaster casts Freeman subsequently made were convincing enough to be considered critical pieces of evidence by anthropologists Grover Krantz and Jeff Meldrum (Idaho State University), who both put considerable time and resources into studying them. Others, like Rene Dahinden and Bob Titmus thought Freeman was simply a hoaxer seeking attention.

On June 10, 1982, Freeman reportedly sighted a Bigfoot near Walla Walla, Washington which he described as being nearly 8 ft (2.4 m) tall and covered in reddish-brown body hair. In 1994 Freeman captured a purported Bigfoot on video near the Blue Mountains region. The footage is considered to be authentic by some Bigfoot investigators but is considered of too low resolution to be conclusive by most. It was also spoofed many times by Kokanee beer ads.

Freeman died at his Airway Heights, Washington home at the age of 59 from complications of diabetes."

The footage depicts Freeman investigating and casting a line of fresh juvenile footprints in a remote, gated area of the Blue Mountain Watershed. After casting the tracks, he examines the creek area and notices more adult tracks, evidently fresh ones. The tracks show travel in two directions, both approaching and leaving the water. As he continues to follow the footprints, he hears noises in the brush, and subsequently films an adult Sasquatch, and then another adult Sasquatch with its young.

The most compelling argument for the authenticity of the Freeman footage is the "baby lift" sequence toward the end of the footage. Discovered by Legend Meet Science and Monsterquest producer Doug Hajicek after Freeman's death, the latter part of the footage presumably depicts an adult Sasquatch lifting a juvenile. On a high-definition television, the small creature's ankles and feet can be seen articulating. Despite the fact that Freeman states within the footage in a breathless voice, "There's two of 'em!", Hajicek believed that Freeman was referring to two adults... Freeman never mentioned the THIRD, or youngest, individual to Hajicek when he made the film available for Legend Meets Science and Hajicek only discovered the third subject after viewing the image on a high-definition screen, which Freeman presumably never did.

The first adult subject:

The second adult subject and infant lift, full-screen:

The infant lift, enhanced:

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