DON keating's "white Bigfoot" photo

My name is Don Keating. I am from Newcomerstown, Ohio. I have been doing research on a creature known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot since August 1984. When I first started my research, my belief was that what we really needed to prove that such a creature exists is good video footage of one of these creatures doing something almost or totally humanly impossible. I believe I have that proof, but I am having a hard time getting the film aired on TV so that the general public can view it.

I started doing research in the area the film was shot in May of 1989. Reports of several footprints measuring 17½ inches in length had been coming in to me as well as sighting reports. I decided to go and do some research in the area, such as talking to the alleged witnesses, hiking the woods to see if I could find anything out of the ordinary. I would sit in the woods in the middle of the night, hoping one of these creatures would come in close enough to get a glimpse of it, or hear some unusual noises come out of the woods.

Jump ahead now to June of 1992, we had discovered several different sizes of prints not too far from New Moscow, Ohio, which is located in Coshocton County, Ohio. One day in early August of 1992, I had decided to take a drive in the area. Being a beautiful day with temperatures in the 80 degree range, I took off from my home here in Newcomerstown, and drove the 25 miles to the woods where we had been concentrating our efforts. It was August 2, 1992. I got to an old mining road and proceeded to head up it. About two tenths of a mile up from the main road, I spotted a red gate on the right hand side of the road. It was there to keep people from going down an access road that is still used today for gas company officials to drive up and check wells back in the woods. I parked my car about 15 feet up the road from the gate and got out. I started walking down the access road. I decided to film a large pond that sat at the bottom of the hill. At that time, I had a camcorder with me. Not particularly liking the view I was getting I decided to reposition myself. I left the camera running on my right shoulder. It was filming towards the west, or towards my car and I was facing the south or towards the main road I had just come off of.

What was captured on film, without my knowing it, was fascinating to say the least. However, not finding anything out of the ordinary that day, I just put the tape away on my shelf that evening when I arrived home. I did not view that film footage of August 2nd, 1992 until December 21, 1993. Here is what happened... As I was sitting on my couch watching the film footage I shot while repositioning myself, I captured a very large light or white colored individual on film for about 1.55 seconds. It was walking in a fast pace down the road. It was on the same road I had just been on, less than ten minutes earlier! You can plainly see it take four steps. Here are some interesting facts we have come to after examining the film countless times as well as doing experiments in the field at the same location to duplicate the feat on film.


It covered 28 feet in 1.55 seconds.

It covered the 28 feet with just four steps.

It walked past three posts in the ground, which were 49 inches tall.

It was twice as tall as they were. Its waist was just above the tops of the posts, yet a man of 5 foot 11 inches was barely visible because of the angle of filming. Just his head was visible above the top of the posts.

A bush in the background which it walks by is 12 feet tall. It was three quarters as tall as the bush.

It was a light gray or white in color.

The distance from the camera to the individual was about 262 feet.

To this point, I have not been able to come near duplicating what is on the film, nor has anyone else. After over ten years, it continues to remain a mystery as to what is on the tape. Virtually everyone who has seen the film believes it is a Sasquatch.

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