Enoch: A Bigfoot Story by Autumn Williams

As a child, Autumn Williams saw two hair-covered creatures standing in the woods behind her home in Washington State. She has spent her entire adult life seeking to understand why those non-human eyes held such an expression of humanlike intelligence.

What is a Sasquatch? Is it human? Animal? Or something in-between? How does Bigfoot live? How does it interact with others of its kind? And how would it interact with us? What would we learn about these creatures, if we stopped pursuing them... and they no longer avoided us?

One man would finally offer answers to those questions. He is more than a witness. He is the friend of a wild man...

And he calls him Enoch.

John said: "Your book blows my effing mind! Thank you!"

Carol said: "I got the book Friday noon, finished it Sat afternoon, couldn't put it down, and I find myself thrilled to the bone. How incredibly fortunate, to not only find such a long time witness who will share, BUT to find one who is
so beautifully articulate, intelligent, and credible... You two have made history, but it may take the world a while before they catch up. I, of course, want more!"

Brent said: "I just finished your book and I found it very interesting and a good read. I started reading it yesterday evening and did not put it down until I was finished. It is totally different from any bigfoot book I have previously read, in a good way. Being a native of Florida, a lot of what Mike related to you I could relate to. I totally support the way both of you feel about the Big Guys. I do not see a need to prove their existence to anyone and I really don't know if they need our protection, it seems like they have been doing a good job protecting themselves. Thank you for writing the book and thank Mike for me also. Great book!!!"

Jupiter said: "I just finished reading Enoch and I think all I can say right now Autumn is... thank you."

Noel said: "I have read ENOCH twice in the last 24 hours... As far as Bigfoot books are concerned, this one is at the top of my list. Mike shared an incredible story about his relationship with Enoch and opened a whole new world up for us. I hope he will continue to share more information wiwth us, but I also respect his desire to protect Enoch and his relationship with the Big Guy."

Tlom said: "The first morning light is rising above my mountains and I just finished the book. Enoch has a good friend in Mike and visa versa. Mike has a good friend in you, Autumn. I've come away with a feeling of comprehension and a continued respect for freedom and perseverance. I want to thank you for writing this, Autumn. It was more than a pleasure to read."

Larry said: "Whew!  You did it!  Great job - and so very well written - this book will become a turning point for all who have followed Bigfoot in the past and those in the future. You have totally opened my eyes to the nature of Bigfood.  It is so logical and once that understanding is reached, all other reports take on a new meaning.  I have several books that I will re-read with this knowledge of how they react to people and why.  I feel like you and "Mike" have allowed me to become a witness..."

Traci said: "I'll probably order another one later so I'll have a pristine copy that doesn't have any bent pages or drool from falling asleep on it while trying to read with one eye open at some ungodly hour. I couldn't put the book down and just had to know what happened next--LOVED the book! Thank you for bravely writing this story so we can try to understand more about these creatures that fascinate us so much."

Dana said: "I can’t express enough gratitude to Mike and to you for sharing some of your knowledge about Enoch and the others. I would love to know more but it that’s all to be given I am grateful. This book definitely paints a more intimate picture than we’ve ever been shown."

Harry said: "Finished reading Enoch last night. I'm sure it will greatly affect my squatching..."

Richard said: "I have just finished reading your new book "Enoch" and I couldn't put it down due to the powerful interaction with these creatures that Mike experienced in this book! WOW, very powerful indeed!

Keith said: "[Enoch] has made a difference for so many people who have been witnesses and folks like me that have not seen them face to face yet, but have had experiences and know they are real. [My friend] is having her own very unique experiences and has already begun a habitation type situation. She sent a message with tears of joy from the questions this has helped answer. It has helped me understand our encounters with my family as well. Alot of things are now really clear."

D said: "As I type the tears are streaming down my face. Thank you and please, thank Mike for me. He needs to know what he's done for me. I am not alone. Someone else has been there, too. Someone else has felt their joy, sorrow and mirth as strongly as I have myself. Someone else has felt the deep sense of peace they somehow gift you with, should they decide they like you.
I feel vindicated and cannot thank you both enough. I feel as if this book was written specifically for me."

Irene said: "You have certainly pointed a different direction for the future of 'bigfooting'... This is a book that will be re-read and dog-eared in my home."

W said: "ENOCH. Wow, Autumn! When the 'Researchers' have had time
to aquire, read and digest the messages in your book, there will be a LOT of head-rattling in the Bigfooter community! It may take a while, but eventually your TRUTH will become apparent."

Regina said: "I LOVED IT!!!!....your book, I mean! You were right! OMG! I absolutely loved it! I am so glad that you both shared it! Thank you, Autumn! Thank you, Mike! It meant a lot to me and I learned a lot too! I felt corrected and validated all at the same time!"

Wayne said: "I feel compelled to say a few things about your new book, Enoch - A Bigfoot Story. It was one of the most interesting books I've read on this topic. It will be, in my opinion, a game changer for the Bigfoot community, and hopefully precipitate a watershed moment for amateur and professional researchers alike. A couple of the insights - particularly the discussion of predictability - are astonishing in their simplicity, but also in their brilliance. Again - great job!

Michael said: "Fantastic read. Loved the book. I couldn't put it down. "

Kelly said: "ENOCH: A BIGFOOT STORY by Autumn Williams is a fascinating revolution of thought.  It steps beyond the tired concept of monsters and ferocity in favor of compassion and respect.  Her "witness" and collaborator "Mike" helps Williams offer a fresh look at a creature seen for generations -- not just by passing strangers but by families living in the rural settings they also call home.  Like Jane Goodall and her study of chimpanzees, Mike came to know the creature he calls Enoch through patient development of trust and affection, and it is through that lense that Williams captures the story.  Bagging a body -- as proof of the species existence -- may seem like a clear obscenity, after reading this fresh new depiction. One can only hope, but Williams book is a giant step in a wise and hopeful new direction.  A must read for Bigfoot enthusiasts. "

Jan said: "I have just finished reading Enoch.  It is a beautiful book.  Thank you so much for sharing Mike's experience with us.  It took tremendous amount courage for both of you to share what you know with the public.  You could have easily kept it to yourself and I'm grateful that you went out on a limb for your readers."

Carol said: "I'm in the middle of a second reading, just to catch anything I missed. The first time, I read it so fast, I couldn't wait for the next chapter.
Thanks again Autumn and Mike! And Enoch!"